Two Weeks with the HTC One


Having bought the O2 version of the HTC One , I was entitled to an additional Monster UrBeats headset.

It has just arrived and this reminds me that I have now spent two weeks with my new HTC One. It is the right time to write a first assessment.

First, the battery life. In my little test of the Motorola Razr i, I praised the performance of Motorola’s gifted-child while reminding that the screen size contributed to the battery life. Well, if you are looking for a smartphone with similar battery life without compromising on screen size, Htc’s One is made for you! My first working day, it literally caught me off guard. I finished my day at 11pm with 55% of battery use (45% left). I would only charge up the Htc One on the next day around noon. And that without the Energy Saving Mode please! However, should you decide to use Google Now, you’ll get back to Htc One X levels of performance. So, barely making it to midnight. The following day, I thus made it a point to listen to music (with the Beats Solo I got with the One X last year) during my three-hour walk around my new hometown: Frankfurt upon Main, during which I didn’t forget to chat and send snapshots on Whatsapp with my sweetheart, whom I left behind in Strasbourg for now. The result was: I made it home at midnight with 20% left. I am, as you can imagine, very excited about the battery life. I can say goodbye to the car lighter cable when I decide to listen to music in the car; even for my trips back to Strasbourg for the weekend (2h-2h30 drive according to traffic).

Zoe and Zoe Share are fun and bring snapshots and albums to life, but they will not change my life. That being said, the pictures are very clear and the details are very fine. In low light, during my Frankfurt field trip, I was not too impressed with the pictures I took from buildings that were a bit far off.

Before the Htc One came out, I had been disappointed by the company’s decision to reduce the number of panels and not give the opportunity to remove the Blinkfeed. The lack of panels was not a such a problem, and I quickly got used to using shortcuts rather than widgets, which I still somewhat regret. It is a question of freedom of choice and UI aesthetics. The Blinkfeed is nice but it doesn’t bring much and I might go two days without thinking about using it. Also, the feeds are not always consistent with my category choices.  And I still have not found a way to go up the pages quickly to the first feed.

What I miss the most: the FriendStream. For the simple reason that I loved having the chance to see the Tweet and the page its link leads to right underneath: images of course, but also any web page, which the Twitter app cannot do yet.

I complained about it to HTC and they said it might be implemented again in coming updates… Or not.

Finally, even though I am very happy with my new smartphone, I can’t help but thinking that HTC shot a bullet in their and our foot by deciding to produce a very nice looking smart protection, but by making it half a millimeter too big, which makes the smartphone fly out when it is too roughed up.  A little stressful. I hope HTC will correct this mishap and, maybe, agree to exchange the protections of those who had decided to trust them from the start and suffered from their lack of preciseness.

HTC One Packaging


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