Galaxy S4 Mini First Impressions


It was to be expected: I got my dirty paws on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (SGS4 Mini).

And as it was to be expected, I am not disappointed: neither by the look, nor by the skills.

I remember HTC teasing Samsung as the creators of Sense boasted about their aluminum finishing. Let’s be honest. I valued my HTC One too much not to protect it. So guess how often I see or feel the aluminium… In my flipcover… Furthermore, the SGS’s plastic cover only the battery. So once it’s in you hand  (and it fits there really well) you don’t see the plastic, just a nice metallic-looking plastic border and a glass touchscreen. I have no reason to complain there. Except that it has the drawback of its quality: little phone, small keyboard. And there, my fingers like the Sense-native keyboard a bit better… A matter of getting used to it? Could be, but again, the keys on the HTC One S seem to be found more easily by my fingers, than those of the SGS4 Mini. I get way less typos.

I must say that the little screen seems to give the SGS4’s little brother a good battery life. And it seems to have a little better signal on O2’s LTE network (which is not great by the way…).

A little plus that I would have loved to find on my  One: I say  cheese and the Samsung Mini takes a snapshot (like all Samsung smartphones, yes)… Now, that’s just cool. No other word for it.

Finally, apart from the apps I can’t uninstall, such as trip advisor , what bothers me a little (for HTC) is that the SGS4 Mini comes with Flipboard. A great discovery, which makes me think of Blinkfeed only WAY NICER. AND Flipboard doesn’t feed me the same articles twice in the same day.
And so, my HTC One is now fitted with Flipboard, specially because it makes me think of my lost Friendstream, which I miss so dearly in Sense 5.

A little point to which I couldn’t get used to: the smartdialer doesn’t allow you to call a contact by touching it, you need to use the phone key… A waste of time if you ask me (yes, I’m being picky!!).

That’s it for now. Feel free to ask questions, and I’ll try to answer them so that you get an idea.


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