Oppo opening the trail with Cyanogen Mod

Since the arrival of Sense 5 and the idea-quite ludicrous if you ask me-to get rid of all their impressive HTC widgets, simply because mainstream users only use three panels and few widgets, the thought of joining the AOSP crowd seems less and less far from plausible to me. Indeed, the difference is so slight now as far as my use: I have to use widgets with various design features and have lost a bit of homogeneity; or even, had to give up on using a few (photogrid, friendstream-replaced with Flipboard) that I liked from Sense 4+ and under). I thus feel less stranger to the idea of using Android without proprietary User Interface.

But if you are going to be using Android without proprietary UI, you might as well turn to those who make the most out of Android.

So let’s have a look at our options.

Imagine a system for which people would have to give up on their warranty, follow improbable tutorials, which sometimes look closer to witchcraft , in order to finally be able to install it, not without losing all their data first. Imagine that despite all those constraints, 10 Million devices have been so tortured in order to obtain the custom ROMs cooked by the Cyanogen team.

Once this is laid out, it is all clear. If millions of people are willing to sacrifie their time and warranty, it must be worth it.

Well, I can assure you: it does. If you use Android in its purest version, you have everything to gain in shifting to Cyanogen Mod. Indeed, the customizing options are endless and the features are always the latest.

This is precisely why I feel that Oppo is showing the way. By integrating Cyanogen Mod natively in their Oppo N1, the brand enables user to benefit from a device running on Android at its best… Without losing their warranty!

Some manufacturers, including HTC, tried out the Google Play Edition adventure. I think, it’s just my opinion, they would have everything to gain in a shot at a Cyanogen Mod Edition.

My dream: a Sony Xperia Z1s CME!

How about you? Do you use Cyanogen Mod? Which device would you love to see come out with a Cyanogen Mod Edition ?


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