Sony redefines Flagships








This word had become trendy since Samsung had finally stepped up between the Galaxy S3 Mini and the Galaxy S4 Mini. And I must say that I found the S4 Mini to be quite good, just as the HTC One Mini.

But they remain « Mini »…

The concept of Mini was to provide a Smartphone with a smaller screen than the Brand’s Flagship. Unfortunately, manufacturers also MINImized more than the screen: performance was also reduced. Except for the HTC One Mini’s camera and its… 4 Megapixels… OK, ultrapixel… Whatever you call it, it would have been difficult to include less there.

In any case, Sony decided to give the « Mini » game a grand new twist, in fact, don’t call it a Mini… Their creation is a Compact!

Indeed, at CES 2014, Sony introduced the smaller version of its Xperia Z1, which, to my taste, was far too big anyway. I am personally not a big fan of this « I have the biggest one » competition manufacturers are playing with screen sizes. Again, personally, I feel puzzled about the everyday use of Galaxy Notes and other Phablets, given boys put phones in their pockets and girls have (statistically) smaller hands.

In fact, the people at Sony had asked themselves the same question. And actually decided to ask the public whether their Z1 was too big; 20% of the people confirmed that they had no intention of buying the Z1 as its size was perceived as an issue.

And so, Sony decided to offer people, who, like me, are reluctant to jump the 4.7″ hurdle, a device that would leave them speechless.

Take an Xperia Z1, reduce the screen size to 4.3″, then reduce… Well, no… That’s it! Just the screen. The camera still boasts over 20 Megapixels, the processor still exceeds speeds of 2 GHz (all four cores…), etc.

Sony reinvented flagships by ensuring you won’t need to get Shaq O’Neal’s fingers transplanted or buy a backpack to be able to enjoy your next flagship on a regular, day to day, basis.

I am, of course, looking forward to testing it. But only then shall I decide of my HTC One‘s fate. Because of this for instance. 😉

What do you think of the idea of reducing the screen size but not performance? Was that something you were waiting for? And most of all, do you feel that flagship mobile devices tend to be getting too big?


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