HTC Desire 816 – Pretty cool! But…

HTC has had a sweet week.

Its HTC One was awarded at the MWC. It got upgraded to Android 4.4.2. And finally, the brand announced to mid-range devices.

Let’s forget about the smaller of the new Desires to have a look at the HTC Desire 816.

I am personally not a huge fan of the phablet-thingies, but I have to say that I found this one quite cute. This lack-finished plastic (I never had anything against plastic) and the colors were a nice surprise (when it leaked XD). Its technical specifications are not amazing but far from lame (1.6 Ghz Quad-core, 1.5 Gb Ram, it’s better than the HTC One Mini).

I particularly rejoiced at the thought of trying out  Zoe (mostly video highlights) with a 13 Mpx camera.

Finally, I find very relevant the idea of having a front-facing videoconferencing 5 Mpx camera. Indeed, why videoconferencing and not front-facing? Clearly such a camera is destined to make the most of the video features from Skype, Hangouts and the likes.

And this is exactly the use I would give to a phablet. That is: a device which is mostly useful at home and during travel, to see movies and most of all, use the hotel/home wifi to keep in touch with family and friends… Visually.

That being said, I wasn’t ready to shell out 600€ for a device that would sit around at home waiting for me. This is why the Galaxy Note and similar devices weren’t appealing for me. However, with the price of the upcoming Desire 816… Why not…

You have noticed by now, this device is quite welcome in my world as it corresponds to the use I would make of such a device (juste like a ZTE Grand S for instance).

There is only one problem with this HTC Desire 816…


Desire 816??  Wasn’t there a sexier name to give it??!!

What do you think of the Desire 816, with its not-so-sexy name but promising specs?




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