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I have laid eyes on the HTC One Mini


I was rather happy when HTC announced their One Mini. I’ve always believed Mini series were far from superfluous, considering the constant increase  in screen sizes, which doesn’t always reflect the growth of some people’s fingers.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini had not managed to convince me. The  SGS4 Mini, however, a lot more. But as it came out, I had been disappointed with the price. One month  (and 80€) later, I find it a lot nicer with its 360€.

It is only then that HTC chose to compete against it. A little late, considering the SGS4 Mini is already a couple of Euros slimmer and that the One Mini’s price is the same as the SGS4’s from a month ago.

Due to its late release, the HTC One Mini starts off with a financial burden. But it has Zoe, but it has Boomsound, but it has Blinkfeed.

True, but when held next to the (real deal) HTC One, the size difference seems minimal. Whereas the style difference is clear. The white plastic edges are (for my taste) a real turn-off. So: too little size difference, disgraceful plastic… I am in doubt…

I do not think (unless the price drops dramatically) I shall post a « I got my dirty hands on an HTC One Mini ».

I am less certain as to a possible « I got my dirty hands on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini ». Indeed, I have to say the latter made a nice impression in terms of the size I expect from a Mini and as far as the performance I expect from a Mini…
We’ll see.