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HTC One Mini – An upgraded/updated One S

HTC ONE Mini Bleu

I have to admit that my first impressions regarding HTC’s One Mini were not the greatest.

After having gotten my dirty hands on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, which had seemed very good, I laid weary eyes on this plastic edged device. That being said, after dropping my HTC One and observing that the aluminium shell was dented on one corner, and that despite my flip cover, the One Mini’s plastic frame seemed a little friendlier already.

But my sudden change of heart can be attributed to one factor: THE COLOR!

Indeed, as I watch the Silver One Mini, I still see a poor looking One, but its blue twin…

It’s as simple as that: similar color to an iPhone 5C, but waaaaay cuter (question of taste -and my aversion to iOS- I guess)… And 200€ cheaper if I am not mistaken (OK, this is not a question of taste).

To come back to the title: I had been quite disappointed with the dreadful screen quality on the One S and by how slow it could get. We shall see in the future if the One Mini gets slow, but for now, despite the lack of evolution in the hardware specs (Ram and CPU did not increase between One S and One Mini), Sense 5.0 being a little lighter -which I still hate by the way- I dare hope that the lags affecting the One S won’t affect the Mini [Actually, my wife proved me wrong after 4 months of use].

Finally, I am still very impressed and happy about the double-speaker Boomsound and the low-light photos. The front facing camera is also way better than that of the One S, which was really in disgrace compared to the One X.

So the Mini is much closer to its bigger brother than the One S was to the One X; and this is good news.

The HTC One Mini is thus a quite honorable Mini, with arguments to face the S4 Mini… And makes a good impression. At least if you only compare to Minis… And not to… Compacts… Catching my drift? Sony Xperia Z1 Mini? I felt that phone was going to change the game. And as far as I am concerned, they did. I do hope the public will react well to it so as to show all the others that there is a market for 4.3″ flagships… Let’s hope that HTC will follow Sony’s lead and manufacture not an All New One Mini, but an All New One COMPACT!!

Kind of like this:

Petit One




I have laid eyes on the HTC One Mini


I was rather happy when HTC announced their One Mini. I’ve always believed Mini series were far from superfluous, considering the constant increase  in screen sizes, which doesn’t always reflect the growth of some people’s fingers.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 mini had not managed to convince me. The  SGS4 Mini, however, a lot more. But as it came out, I had been disappointed with the price. One month  (and 80€) later, I find it a lot nicer with its 360€.

It is only then that HTC chose to compete against it. A little late, considering the SGS4 Mini is already a couple of Euros slimmer and that the One Mini’s price is the same as the SGS4’s from a month ago.

Due to its late release, the HTC One Mini starts off with a financial burden. But it has Zoe, but it has Boomsound, but it has Blinkfeed.

True, but when held next to the (real deal) HTC One, the size difference seems minimal. Whereas the style difference is clear. The white plastic edges are (for my taste) a real turn-off. So: too little size difference, disgraceful plastic… I am in doubt…

I do not think (unless the price drops dramatically) I shall post a « I got my dirty hands on an HTC One Mini ».

I am less certain as to a possible « I got my dirty hands on a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini ». Indeed, I have to say the latter made a nice impression in terms of the size I expect from a Mini and as far as the performance I expect from a Mini…
We’ll see.

J’ai posé les yeux sur un HTC One Mini


J’étais plutôt content à l’annonce du HTC One mini. Je me disais que les séries mini n’étaient pas superflues au vu de la taille grandissante des écrans, qui n’est pas systématiquement répercutée dans l’allongement des doigts de certains (certaines).

Le Samsung Galaxy S3 mini ne m’avait pas convaincu. Le SGS4 Mini beaucoup plus. Mais à sa sortie, ce dernier m’avait rebuté par son prix. Un mois (et 80€) plus tard, il est plus attrayant du haut de ses 360€.

Et c’est le moment qu’a choisi HTC pour venir le concurrencer. Un peu tard, sachant que justement, le SGS4 Mini à déjà maigri de quelques euros et que le One Mini arrive au prix initial du SGS4.

De par sa sortie tardive, le HTC One Mini part donc avec un boulet pécuniaire. Mais il a Zoé, mais il a le Boomsound, mais il a la Blinkfeed.

Certes, mais quand on le tient à côté du HTC One, la différence de taille est minime. Alors que la différence de cachet est notable. Ce contour en plastique blanc est (ce n’est que mon avis) très peu esthétique. Pour moi c’est même un tue l’amour. Donc différence de taille minime, plastique disgracieux… Je doute…

Je ne pense pas (à moins d’une spectaculaire chute de prix) publier de post intitulé « J’ai mis la main sur un HTC One Mini ».

J’ai moins de certitudes en ce qui concerne « J’ai mis la main sur un Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini ». Car je dois dire que ce dernier m’a fait une bonne impression tant en ce qui concerne la taille de ce que devrait être un Mini qu’au niveau des performances que devraient apporter un Mini…
Affaire à suivre.